Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz Amongst Hollywood's Top 10 Most Overpaid Actors

Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez are amongst the wealthiest women in Hollywood, and after starting their acting careers with strings of hits, they deserve every penny of their multimillion dollar salaries. Or do they? Forbes contends that these megawatt Latinas rank amongst Hollywood's top ten most overpaid actors, using a calculation of dollar-paid to the actor versus dollar-earned at the box office.

For example, though the success of the Shrek movies put her at the top of the pile as far as Hollywood paychecks go, Cameron Diaz's hefty salary doesn't quite carry over to smaller projects, like romantic comedies. Her last films The Holiday and What Happens in Vegas pulled in respectable returns, but not nearly enough to offset Cam's eight-figure paycheck. For every dollar a studio spends on Cameron, they get only $3.70 in return—a mere drop in the bucket by Hollywood standards.

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, used to be one of Hollywood's best values, pulling in nearly $7 for every dollar she was paid. But after taking a long hiatus after 2005's Monster-in-Law and coming back with El Cantante, which barely made a ripple at the box office, Jennifer's average has fallen to barely above $4 for every dollar she's paid.

We're sure studio bosses will be quick to realize they aren't exactly getting their money's worth with these ladies, no matter how gorgeous and talented they are. They may have to give up a few perks, but somehow, we doubt we're going to see them in the unemployment line anytime soon.