Is Jennifer Lopez Back to Her Diva Antics?

She may have proven that her love don't cost a thing, but Jennifer Lopez seems to still be a material girl at heart—and a diva, to boot. The New York Post reports that J. Lo threw around her legendary 'tude at the Catherine Malandrino boutique near her Long Island, New York home.

"She demanded the store be shut down for her to shop alone, but they said, 'Absolutely not,' " a source told the Post, adding that "one of her eight-person entourage, including two bodyguards with their guns showing, was yelling at the clerk that Jennifer gets a 50 percent discount. Jennifer also tried on about a million outfits, then just threw it all in a pile in the dressing room and didn't buy one thing."

Looks like Jenny's mellowed-out mom mode is over and the demanding diva we know and love is back. Can't say we're disappointed—nothing goes better with our morning cafè than reading about Jennifer's antics!