It's True: A Jenni Rivera Movie is Being Developed!

While Jenni Rivera was no stranger to the small screen, her family has plans to pay tribute to La Diva de la Banda in a bigger way: with a movie. 

"My mom always said she would have a book of her life and a movie about her," Jenni's daughter Chiquis told NBC Latino. And it seems she isn't the only one to be certain about that fact.

"We're definitely planning to do a movie," Juan, Jenni's brother, told NBC Latino. "I'm a little selfish though, I would love to see Chiquis play Jenni." 

No matter the cast, the movie is apparently being developed, with Chiquis disclosing that the biopic will be released within the next year. Chiquis credits her ambition and drive, especially when it comes to the movie production, to her mother.

"My mom always made sure that her dreams come true," said Chiquis.