Jenni Rivera Hospitalized

Another celebrity that isn't starting 2011 on the right foot is Jenni Rivera... After quite a scandalous 2010, with her much-publicized wedding and her son being accused of sexually molesting a minor, the Mexican-American singer ended up in the hospital during the first week of January due to some undisclosed illness having to do with her kidneys.

She explains what happened to her on her Twitter account (we're translating, of course): "I left the charger for my cell phone at the hospital ... The remote control isn't working and I can't stand up ... my kidneys are f*cked. It's awful to be so messed up. Bye".

Rivera also wrote that she is hoping to get better quickly, especially because she has to attend a very important meeting. "I have a 103 degree fever ... I feel horrible. But I have to feel better by tomorrow ... I have to meet Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos. We will be acting together in a movie. We start filming January 10th. The first Hollywood movie for your Diva! Thank the Lord!"