Jenni Rivera Denies Half Brother

In a revealing interview with Univision’s Aqui y Ahora, Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera opened up about her father’s infidelity, and the half brother she now denies.

“I promised not to cry in this interview.  But, sometimes that’s inevitable,” said Jenni as she began discussing her parent’s divorce after more than 40 years of marriage. “That means it still hurts me.”

Her mother’s experience inspired her to write her latest single, “La Gran Senora,” about a wife defending her position against the other woman.

“You are not going to steal what I’ve earned,” says the song. “I’m the one who, with his children, has the crown.”

Jenni has no interest in meeting her seven-year-old half brother because she doesn’t consider him a part of her family.  “He’s not a brother for me. For me, a sibling is someone who carries the blood of my mother and the blood of my father, “ she said.

We were a little troubled by this revelation given that Rivera's own children wouldn't be considered real brothers and sisters by this “blood” standard. She has three children from her first marriage and two from her second. We understand that she was deeply hurt by what her father did to her mother, but should she really be holding the child responsible?

Watch the emotional interview, and tell us what you think.