Jenni Rivera and Daughter Chiquis Had “Unfinished Business," Says Former Co-Star RaqC (EXCLUSIVE)

A lot of hearts were broken on Sunday evening when the world learned that Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash after the plane she was traveling in crashed in a mountainous region of Mexico. 

And one of the people who was crushed by the news of Jenni's untimely death was radio personality RaqC, who was one of the stars of Rivera's former mun2 reality show, Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis and Raq-C

"I'm taking it a little bit harder because I know a little bit more than the average person does," RaqC (AKA Raquel Cordova) tells exclusively, adding that there are things the media doesn't know.

"I just wish that certain things would've been different before this happened," she says. "Like, I just wish her and her daughter would've been on good terms. And that's where it hurts me the know that there was unfinished business there," she explains. 

For months, there have been rumors that Jenni's eldest daughter Chiquis was having an affair with Jenni's ex-husband (baseball player Esteban Loaiza} and that she may have been to blame for their breakup. In October, Chiquis denied the affair, saying: “Don’t believe everything you read. I would NEVER do that! Never! That’s a terrible accusation.”

Still, RaqC tells us it was no secret that Jenni and her daughter had drifted apart. "They stated it publicly on Twitter," she says. "It had been a while that they hadn't talked to each other...I think the lesson that Jenni and Chiquis are here to teach us mothers and daughters out there is 'you don't really know when it's your time to be gone, so you have to be right with everybody that means something to you, because you just never know," she says. 

RaqC says there was an opportunity for Jenni and her daughter to find common ground before her death. "That's what hurts me the most out of this whole situation," she says. "There was an opportunity for there to be peace, but pride and ego and all that got in the way...Now it's too late, so all I can do is be a good friend to Chiquis and be there for her. I know at this time she really needs good support."

When it was learned that Jenni died on Sunday, RaqC says she was playing phone tag with Chiquis and she says her friend "seemed a little out of it," and "didn't really know what was going on."

"She was just trying to figure it out," RaqC says. "She hasn’t been in the loop with what's been going on with her family. She's kind of been pushed to the side. I think all of this caught her by surprise -- she hasn't been in touch with her mom, so she wouldn't really know what her mom is upto."

RaqC says she remembers how well Jenni and Chiquis got along when they were working on Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis and RaqC. "They always had a one of a kind relationship," she says. "Because Jenni always traveled and Chiquis had to hold down Jenni's empire whenever she was away on tour. If it wasn't for Chiquis, Jenni wouldn't be or have gotten where she did. Because her oldest daughter always supported her and was her backbone. There was a lot of love there."

For that reason, RaqC says she can only imagine what Jenni's last thought must've been on the plane. "I just thought to myself, 'I wonder what Jenni's last thought was?' says RaqC. "And I bet you anything it was about Chiquis."

So how does RaqC think her friend Chiquis will deal with this tragedy? "I think her heart is weighing really heavy right now, because she knows that there was unfinished business with her mom," RaqC says. "She's going to mourn this."

But RaqC says that like her mom, who was a luchadora, Chiquis is a survivor. "Chiquis has this gift of being able transform something negative into a positive, so I really think that maybe through this example, and through the story and the tragic loss of her mom, Chiquis is going to turn this around. She's going to turn this into something positive like maybe a book or a positive thing that people can learn from."