Jenni Rivera Addresses Her Recent Drama

In the most recent People en Español, Jenni Rivera opens up about the string of violence she has been involved in lately.  Earlier this year, La Diva de la Banda poured beer over the head of a drunken fan on stage during a concert in Mexico.  “Who do you think has more balls, me or you?” the Mexican-American singer asked the fan.  After the fan was carried off stage, Rivera told the audience that she respects them and deserves the same respect.

The 42-year-old singer also spoke about the lawsuit she filed against her former manager, Gabriel Vázquez, whom she said she fired after discovering that he had, according to Rivera, stolen more than $1 million.

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Rivera, who shared Latina’s May cover with her daughter Chiquis, said it there is a lot of drama during her concert becauses her music is passionate and the audience is drinking and  brave.  “What happens is that in that moment, I don’t know, my brother and I lose control,” she said.  Rivera was referring to her brother, Juan Rivera, punching a fan earlier this year.  He later apologized for what he did.

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Rivera said she nor her brother reserve the right to attack anyone, and at the same time do not deserve to be attacked.  “I leave my children at home, get on a plane, risk my life in dangerous areas for my job,” she said.  “I get on stage and leave, and no one has the right to attack me.”