Meet Jenni & Jesenia, the Hosts of Latina's 'Fix Yo Life' Comedy Series

Meet Jenni & Jessena, the Hosts of Latina's

By Jenni Ruiza & Jesenia

In 2011, Jesenia was producing, writing and directing the third season of an off-Broadway sketch comedy show called, "Ay Que Funny", which Jenni Ruiza was hired for as both writer and performer.

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The two worked so well together that they decided to start their own production company in 2014, Comedy High Productions, LLC (formerly known as Comedy Girls), that would produce sketch comedies, parodies, and web series. Some of their most successful work includes, "Latino Stereotypes for Dummies" - a callout to Saturday Night Live and Lorne Michaels for never hiring a Latina, and "Carrot Cake", a musical parody dumping all over Donald Trump and his 2016 candidacy, through the tune of Hall and Oats.

Jesenia and Jenni currently co-host their own podcast, "The Fixxx" where they talk about sex, pop culture, and life's bullshit in a real, raw, and uncensored way; episodes are available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, and iHeartRadio every Friday.

The two continue to produce comedy together with Jesenia as co-producer, creative director and writer and Jenni as co-producer and social media manager. Not only are they badass creators they are best friends till the end...of life... and/or their careers...we'll see what happens! 

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Fix Yo Life debuts August 26 right here on Latina, so stay tuned!