Jencarlos Canela is Going to be a Papi

Jencarlos Canela is going to be a father! The 23-year-old Cuban American telenovela star/singer took to Twitcam to announce the big news alongside his girlfriend, Venezuelan model/actress Gaby Espino.

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“Yes, we are pregnant. So the world can know: we are pregnant,” Canela said. “It's great to finally share this with you all. It’s the most exciting, the most wonderful gift that life has given us. Our story is like a novela.” Canela’s right about that – the couple were co-stars on the 2009 telenovela Más Sabe el Diablo (The Devil Knows Best).

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Both Canela and Espino, who is 10 years his senior, answered fans’ questions for a half hour, during which they spoke about how they met and confirmed that they are officially a couple and living together. “One of the things I’ve always wanted as a man is to be able to arrive to my house after a concert and be able to see a little boy run to me and hug me and say ‘Papa!’” Canela said. “One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is perform at a concert with you all and present my baby—to love him like you love me, to support him like you have supported me. We hope that our family keeps growing.” This isn’t Espino’s first child—the actress has a 3-year-old daughter with ex-husband Venezuelan actor Cristóbal Lander.