Javier Bardem Stripped for Cash

Javier Bardem may be too shy to kiss his girlfriend Penélope Cruz in front of paparazzi these days, but the Oscar-winning actor wasn't always so coy with his public. Contactmusic.com reveals that the star was so hard up for money as a struggling actor, that he resorted to stripping for some extra cash.

He says, "I danced one night in a place, there was a club. And they asked for a guy to kind of make a striptease and I did it. It was for 10 minutes. I needed money."

But if you think Javi is going around looking shameful and trying hard to cover up his pole dancing days, think again. He reveals, "my mother was there in the audience. She was so proud."

Um, ew! We know people are a lot less prudish out there in Europe, but watching proudly as your son performs a strip tease for money is just plain gross. The expression is 'shake what your momma gave you', not 'shake it in front of your momma'!