Javier Bardem is a Macho, Macho Man

Javier Bardem is all man. So what if he gets touchy-feely with his buddies once in a while? Means nothing. He's still a beer-swilling, football-watching, Penélope Cruz-dating guy's guy, right? So, we're sure Javi doesn't mind in the least that this video of him at a bar in Spain, forehead-kissing and whispering in the ear of a man whose hand never leaves his thigh, is making its way around the internet. Also, looks like Javier, ahem, shaved his beard for a night out with his close friend.

We keed, we keed, of course. Everyone knows that European men aren't nearly as sensitive about showing their affection for their boys as us uptight Americans. We just think this video and the ruckus it's causing is muy funny. Still, if Penelope were a smart chica, she'd keep a closer eye on her man—unless, of course, she's too busy partying it up with her girlfriends to pay attention. Wink-wink!