Javier Bardem Kisses Josh Brolin, Is Wanted Badly by Ron Howard

Usually actors only kiss each other on the cheek when they win awards, but good friends Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin weren't going to let Javi's Best Actor loss get in the way of a little lighthearted man-on-man action at Sunday's Academy Awards. 

ABC cut the smooch out of the broadcast, and viewers at home only saw Bardem and Brolin engage in a brief dance before the camera jumped to a shot of Penelope Cruz, but we're sure that Josh enjoyed the bromantic PDA. Who wouldn't? 

Another man who "wants" Bardem badly is director Ron Howard. Remember in January when we told you that Bardem was the #1 choice to play the lead role of Roland Deschain in Howard's highly anticipated adaptation of writer Stephen King's western fantasy series, The Dark Tower? Well apparently, he still is! MTV News recently caught up with Howard's co-producer Brian Grazer and asked him about the reported casting of Bardem as the ruthless gunslinger. 

"Javier Bardem, that's what we're hoping," Grazer said. "We're in the process of trying to put that together." However, Grazer said that Bardem hasn't officially signed on to the project. "He's locked in psychologically," Grazer said. "He really wants to do it, so we're absolutely rooting for him to do it."

How bad does Howard want Javier for the role? Lets just say that he hasn't even thought about other potential cast members, because he's too busy wondering if Javier will sign on. 

"We're really just focused on Javier right now," said Grazer. If Javier accepts the role, it will be the first time in his career that the actor will be starring in what could turn out to be a blockbuster movie franchise.