Jamie Chung Stands Up for 'Rudderless' Co-Star Selena Gomez

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Jamie Chung could not stop gushing over friend and co-star Selena Gomez in a recent interview.  

The 31-year-old told E! News about her friendship and working relationship with the former Disney Channel star. 

"Well, I've worked with Selena Gomez before when she was 15 years old... She's raised from just such a great family," Chung said. "Her mom is amazing, she's got such a good head on her shoulders."

The two actresses first worked together on Princess Protection Program in 2009. More recently, the two co-starred in Rudderless, a flick that centers upon a grieving father who turns to music after the death of his son. The film hits theaters in October 2014. 

Chung praised Gomez's work ethic and dedication to her job. "She's a hard worker, she's humble, she's good to her fans, and she's always been that way," she said. "And now, as a young woman, I miss her as well. I didn't get to her, but she did such an amazing job. And she's so talented."

When asked if Gomez receives more criticism from tabloids that she deserves, Chung defended her friend enthusiastically: "Yeah, totally, that's a bunch of B.S.! I mean, her personal life is her personal life... But she's a good woman and she comes from a really good family."

Chung and Gomez's new flick Rudderless hits theaters October 17! Watch the trailer below:

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