Jackie Guerrido & Don Omar: A Timeline of Love, Then Hate

¡Ay, que bochinche! Ever since they got married, there has been nothing but drama with a capital "D" fo Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido. We think we literally heard rumors about an impending break up just a few weeks after the reggaeton star and Univision weather girl and host got married—no exaggeration.

From screaming matches in the Univision studios to Twitter threats, nothing seems unbelievable when it comes to this explosive couple. But it looks like this spark may be extinguished sooner rather than later, as reports of an impending divorce have been plaguing the couple for weeks now. Will Guerrido run to Jorge Ramos for comfort? Who knows, but until then here's a timeline of the telenovela that has been Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido's brief marriage.

August, 2007: The Primer Impacto weather girl and the reggaeton star are engaged!

December, 2007:
Rumors surface about Jackie being pregnant with Don Omar’s baby.

April 19, 2008:
The couple is married in a lavish, star-studded affair in Puerto Rico.

October, 2009: Don Omar is banned from Univision after supposedly defending his relationship with Guerrido (Primer Impacto is an Univision program)

November, 2009: Don Omar goes on Twitter rampage against Lilia Luciano (Jackie's coworker) after spotting her on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy's on the arm of a Univision exec.

July, 2009: First reports of marital strife surface in Puerto Rican newspapers. Don Omar denies the gossip and threatens to sue for defamation.

February, 2010: Jackie and Don announce they are shutting down their Twitter pages, but for different reasons. She said her account had been hacked, he said that he wanted his life back.

May, 2010: But alas, a few months later both stars return to Twitter! Don Omar promptly begins talking smack.

December 2010: Rumors of an imminent divorce begin to gather steam after Don Omar tweets: "I was born alone and it’s clear that when I leave this world it’ll be the same way. That’s why I’m not afraid of being alone."

January 2011: Reports surface that Jackie may have been the "Other Woman" in the Ana de la Reguera/ Jorge Ramos breakup.

February, 2011: Don Omar threatens Jackie via—you guessed it—Twitter. “It’s been more than 10 months since I hear from you thanks to your lies and the mediocre people you work with. You have 72 hours to get everything back to normal without this affecting anyone else. Otherwise, you will all know what I am capable of when you disrespect me in the way you all have.”

Jackie has yet to respond to his threats, besides saying her lawyers will handle the situation. We're sure this story will continue to develop; another day, another drama...sigh.