Memes: Colombia vs. Columbia

Today marks Colombia's Declaration of Independence, and we'd like to start by tipping our hats off to the colombianos and colombianas in our lives.

It's sad to note how much people still confuse the spelling of the gorgeous country with that of "Columbia." They are clearly two different words, yet it's a slight slip-up that many Colombians have to deal with from others - call it one of their #ColombianProblems. A Facebook group was even created titled "It's Colombia, NOT Columbia," which boasts more than 15,000 fans and aims to change the perception those abroad have of Colombia.

We decided to gather Internet memes that reflect the whole "Colombia" vs. "Columbia" frustration - below are just a few to laugh at, or to send to that one friend who keeps on making the same spelling error.

1. memes 01_keep calm

We love this Colombian twist to the original 'Keep Calm and Carry On' propaganda poster.

2. memes 02_xhibit

You've even got rapper Xzibit laughing at you - ridicule enough to never confuse the two again. Ever.

3. memes 03_ecards

This meme, created by Cosas Colombianas on Instagram, sounds like a warning for those who can't seem to figure out the distinction between "Colombia" and "Columbia." Yes, it's definitely a warning.

4. memes 04_office space

Bill Lumbergh from Office Space is tired of the confusion. He'd appreciate it if Colombia and Columbia were no longer confused by the masses.

5. memes 05_shakira

If you still haven't figured out that internationally-adored Shakira is from Colombia, and not Columbia, we feel sorry for you.

6. memes 06_betty

The same goes with the original Betty la Fea. She's from Colombia, ya'll.

7. memes 07_batman

Best believe, you will get slapped by Batman. Don't mess with him; he takes the distinction very seriously.

8. memes 08_He-man

He-Man is ready for battle should you fumble your Columbia's and Colombia's. Just don't even push him.

9. memes 09_coffee

Know where your coffee is birthed - COLOMBIA.

10. memes 10_sofia

Look, you done pissed off Sofia Vergara's beloved character from Modern Family. So please, don't ever mistake Colombia for Columbia. Thanks.