How Fergie and Josh Keep it Hot in the Bedroom

Officer Fergie? Nurse Fergie? Ms. Ferguson, if you're nasty? Pop star Fergie says multiple identities in the bedrooom is the key to keeping her relationship with actor Josh Duhamel spicy. The singer reveals that she owns a closetful of sexy costumes to play dress up with her fiancé, including a police officer, a dominatrix and a nurse.

Which is Josh's favorite persona? The French Maid, mais oui! When Fergie showed him the black and white number, he reportedly joked, "Oh, good, you're finally gonna clean your closet!"

A friend of the couple tells OK! Magazine, "Fergie could not stop laughing. She says not taking themselves too seriously is the key to their relationship—and the fact that they can't keep their hands off each other doesn't hurt either!"

Though she's very open about her bedroom antics, Fergs is surprisingly shy about revealing details of her upcoming wedding. "That's the one thing I can keep secret in my life," she explains.

Somehow, we wouldn't be shocked if Fergie and Josh got married in their boudoir wearing bride and groom costumes.