#MCM: Drool! These Are the Hottest Latinos on Instagram

'Tis the season to look at some sexy men on Instagram! These hotties love to show off their amazing bodies and their perfectly chiseled faces. When we say we are swooning, that is definitely an understatement.

Check out the hottest Latinos on Instagram that will make you want to click "follow": 

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1. Diego Galante

This sexy Brazilian has some amazing abs that make all the girls go crazy! Follow him at @digalante.

2. Mario Rodriguez

We don't know if it's because of his chiseled features or the fact that he has an amazing body, regardless we just can't get enough of Mario! Follow him at @mario8855.


3. Borrell Jr.

He's a fitness model and coach that has definiteltly earned the title! Just look at that body — and the tattoos are out of this world. Follow him @borrelljr!

4. River Viiperi

This Spanish-Finnish hunk actually used to date Paris Hilton, but he seems to be 100% single now. Follow him at @riverviiperi!

5. Marlon Teixeira

Marlon is a Brazilian model who owes his stunning good looks to his Portuguese, Japanese, and Amerindian roots. Follow him at @MarlonTX.

6. Alex Sanchez De Mora

Alex is a business student (and model, obvs) from Madrid, Spain. He lives in NYC now, ladies! See more delicious pics at @alexsezdemora.

7. Carlos Maro

Carlos is a hunky Spaniard who likes to take selfies at iconic landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids. Follow at @carlosmaro87.

8. Thyago Alves

According to his biography, Thyago is much more than a pretty face. “There is a special kind of aura about him, an alluring air of mystery underlain by silence,” it reads. Mostly, he has great abs.  See more at @thyagoalves84.

9. Rodiney Santiago

You might recognize this Brazilian from LOGO TV, VH1, and more. We strongly encourage you to follow @rodineysantiago for more shirtless selfies.

10. Xavier Castillo

The hottest accountant, EVER!!? According to his Instagram bio, Xavier is a Miami-based accountant, model, and (ugh) married man. Check him out at @javocast13.

11. Alejandro Corzo

This Spanish model loves posting gym selfies. We don’t hate it. Enjoy at @alejandrocorzo.

12. Bruno Bevan

According to his bio, Bruno is an actor, publicist and model! Multitalented and hot. Follow along at @brunobevan.

13. Marcello Alvarez

According to his Facebook bio, Marcello is more than just a pretty face! He has his degree in Industrial Design. Follow at @marcelloalvarez.

14. Rodrigo Calazans

Rodrigo is just a Brazilian boy living the dream in NYC. He’s also a photographer with an absurdly beautiful Tumblr. Follow him on Insta at @calaza.

15. Diogo de Castro Gomes

This hottie is shirtless more often than not -- and we’re not complaining! See what we’re talking about at @diogocg.

16. Rodrigo Baldin

This Brazilian has our hearts racing with that million dollar smile… and those six-pack abs. See more at @rbaldin.

17. Gui Costa

Listen up, ladies! This guy right here is the OB – the original Brazilian. Don’t mistake it. Follow at @theoriginalbrazilianboy.