The Hottest Latino Male Models

We're not shy about it at all; Latin men (and women!) are the hottest in the world. Everyone knows this, so why not celebrate it? That's exactly what we're doing with pics of these papis, the hottest Latino male models currently out there. 

1. Male Models: Ruben Cortada

Ruben Cortada, Cuban

Who's hungry for a Ruben sandwich now?

2. Male Models: Franco Noriega

Franco Noriega, Peruvian

Now that's what we call a seat warmer!

3. Male Models: Arthur Sales

Arthur Sales, Brazilian

We'd follow this guy all over the world, from Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza...

4. Male Models: Emilio Pancheri

Emilio Pancheri, Argentinian

He should really have less clothes on to be laying around on a beach.

5. Male Models: Aitor Mateo

Aitor Mateo, Spanish

Definitely an interesting way of using your clutch!

6. Male Models: Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez, Dominican-Belgian

This guy should do a Sure commercial. There's nothing to be unsure about.

7. Male Models: Juan & Cesar Hortoneda

Juan & Cesar Hortoneda, Spanish

Two seriously hot guys for the price of one.

8. Male Models: Pablo Contreras

Pablo Contreras, Cuban

There's only one word to describe this guy: Smoldering!

9. Male Models: Miro Moreira

Miro Moreira, Brazilian

This guy's too cool for school (and we know exactly why).

10. Male Models: Rodrigo Guirao Diaz

Rodrigo Guirao Diaz, Argentinian

Thank you, Rodrigo. Thank you for being alive!