11 Hot Guys Named Jesus

What’s in a name? Well, if your name is Jesus you better be close to perfect and the fellas on this list sure are. 

1. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_JenCarlos Canela

Jesus (JenCarlos Canela) in The Passion

Canela took on the role for the musical television special and sang live the entire time. The Cubano took the world by storm with this role because it was something so different compared to everything he has done. "Every other actor is singing more in the style that they would in real life but I had to sing the songs a million times to catch the things that I would normally do as a singer," the singer/actor told People. "That was a huge challenge."

2. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Diogo Morgado

Jesus Christ (Diogo Morgado) in The Bible

Is there such as a thing as too hot for Hollywood? Apparently, when it comes to playing JC there is. The Portuguese actor/model’s good looks have even got comedian/TV host, Stephen Colbert, saying, “We need a Jesus who suffers like us—with a spare tire, receding hairline and who only came back on Easter because he heard there was chocolate." Hilarious!

3. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Ray Allen

Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen) in He Got Game

Jesus Shuttlesworth will forever be part of the basketball lexicon. Portrayed by real life NBA star, Ray Allen, Shuttlesworth even complains to his father (Denzel Washington) about his weighty name. Still, Jesus > than any other biblical name.

4. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Jeremy Sisto

Jesus Christ (Jeremy Sisto) in Jesus

The Clueless star gave the Son of God a laid back California vibe. It seemed like he was always two seconds away from saying, “lets catch a wave before supper.”

5. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Jesus Flores

Jesus Flores (L.A. Dodgers)

Flores isn’t the best active Latino baseball player but he sure is a hot guy named Jesus. As a catcher for the Washington Nationals and now the L.A. Dodgers, the Venezuelan athlete squats for a living—so just imagine those tree trunk thighs.

6. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Christian Bale

Jesus Christ (Christian Bale) in Mary, Mother of Jesus

Yes, even Batman himself portrayed Jesus of Nazareth before he put on the cape. In this 1999 made for TV movie, Bale gazes aimlessly, frowns, and gazes some more. Still, he is the hottest actor to jump from biblical characters to superheroes.

7. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Jesus Navas

Jesus Navas (Sevilla FC)

At age 24, Navas was part of the Spanish national soccer team that won the World Cup. Yet, all the futbol accolades in the world mean nothing compared to his cat-like eyes and six-pack abs.

8. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Jim Caviezel

Jesus Christ (Jim Caviezel) in The Passion of the Christ

Oh, the humanity. The whipping scene is too much to stomach but outside of those 75 minutes (we kid) of torture, Caviezel is God-made beefcake.

9. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Jesus Montero

Jesus Montero (Seattle Mariners)

Once projected as the future catcher of the prestigious New York Yankees, Montero didn’t quite live up to expectations. We don’t care if he had one hit with the Yanks because he’s a homerun in our book.

10. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Kevin Alejandro

Jesus Velasquez (Kevin Alejandro) in True Blood

As witch doctor Jesus Velasquez in the HBO vampire series, Alejandro hypnotized us with his hazel eyes. No need for love spells here—we’re completely smitten.   

11. 10 Hot Guys Named Jesus_Cisco Reyes

Jesus (Cisco Reyes) in Next Day Air

We’ll be the first to admit, we never heard of Reyes until Next Day Air. Yet, once we set our eyes on him…JESUS!