10 Pictures Of Hot Dudes With Dogs

Finally, an Instagram account that caters to the women (and men!) who love hot men and dogs... and especially hot men with dogs. Check out the best photos from Hot Dudes With Dogs

(P.S. You can thank us later!) 

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1. Dogs: 1

Woof. Everyone knows the best office accessory is an adorable pooch. 

2. Dogs: 2

Things you need for a memorable spring break: a hot boyfriend, a donut raft, and a cute puppy. 

3. Dogs: 3

Sweater weather means snuggles with attractive bearded men and warm pups. 

4. Dogs: 4

Can we have a beso, too? 

5. Dogs: 5

That doggie wants you to be his new mama. 

6. Dogs: 6

We couldn't stop staring at those six-pack abs... until we saw that gorgeous dog. 

7. Dogs: 7

Can't stop smilin' at these two bros. 

8. Dogs: 8

Just a couple beach bums looking for their beach babe. (We're here!) 

9. Dogs: 9

Rollin' with his homies. Pick us up for a ride, yeah? 

10. Dogs: 10

Girls make passes at guys who wear glasses.... and guys who own dogs. Double whammy for this guapo.