Honor Marie a Born Jet-Setter, Says Cash Warren

While most new parents worry about the safety of their little ones when they take them on an airplane for the first time, Cash Warren and Jessica Alba were more concerned about their fellow passengers.

"It's always nerve-racking for new parents to fly with their child because you never know if you're going to ruin everyone else's flight with a screaming baby," Cash wrote on his blog ibeatyou.com about their first family trip—from Los Angeles to Denver for last week's Democratic National Convention.

"We sit down and cross our fingers that [Honor Marie] will sleep," he continues. "She does .... Nothing really exciting happened on the flight except the energy of what was to come was already palpable."

Apparently, Honor is a born jet-setter—and more low-maintenence than most of her Hollywood peers.

"To date, Honor has been a great baby," says Cash. "Rarely crying. Opting to express herself through simple Haiku's or interpretive dance instead ... yeah right. My girl's got opinions. Lol."

Aww, we love how fatherhood is making Cash corny and sentimental. We're sure he's going to embarass the heck out of his daughter when she hits her teenage years!