Have Cameron Diaz & A-Rod Split?

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz have broken up...again! Sources have confirmed to People that the on-and-off relationship between the blonde bombshell actress and the injured Yankees infielder is definitely off again, and this time, it might be for good. 

Cameron Diaz Laughs Off Rumors Of Break Up with Alex Rodriguez

“They are broken up right now,” an anonymous source close to the couple told the magazine. “They are still very close. There was always a certain magic between them.” The decision to end the relationship was a mutual one between the 39-year-old Cuban American actress and Dominican baseball player. “They're still close friends and will continue to be close friends. They have considerable respect for each other,” the source said.

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A-Rod and Diaz are geographically far apart right now. The Yankees’ third baseman is currently with his team in Seattle, Washington and Diaz has been hard at work in Atlanta, Georgia. filming her new film What to Expect When You’re Expecting alongside Puerto Rican superstar Jennifer Lopez.

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But not everyone is in agreement on the couple's status—Miami source insisted that the buff couple has already gotten back together! Earlier this summer, rumors surfaced that Diaz and Rodriguez had broken up only to be laughed off by the actress. No confirmation of a split has been issued by either Diaz’s or Rodriguez’s camps, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens between these two notoriously fickle lovebirds.