Happy Birthday, Ricky Martin!

Yes, it's Christmas Eve today, but there's an additional reason to celebrate today.

It's also Ricky Martin 41st birthday today - and we want to wish him the best! When he's not moving crowds with his music, Martin is speaking out in support of important causes. We really can't get enough of this guy.

Below are reasons why we love Mr. Martin:

1. His music still makes us shake our bon-bons. Though they're not as cute and firm as his but, okay, we're cool with that. 

2. He's a loving father to his adorable twin boys and he's open to having more kids in the future! 

3. Ricky gives a damn about anti-gay bullying.

4. You know what.... he's sexy and he knows it. (Click on the link. We swear you won't regret it)

5. Ricky was a big supporter of the #TodosSomosJoséEnrique campaign.

6. His wonderful presence on the set of our February 2012 cover phoot shoot. Watch him in our special behind-the-scenes video

7. He's lucky and happy to be gay. That's all people need to know.

8. Ricky's done one helluva job in the Broadway revival of Evita - though his time is almost up (sad face).

9. A peek at his Twitter says it all - the man's poetic and is always speaking his mind on social injustices in the world.

10. We haven't forgotten... it all began with Menudo. Watch the clip below for a throwback!