Happy Birthday, Adam Rodriguez! 38 Photos That Made Us Fall In Love With This Papi Chulo

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to Adam Rodriguez. The Puerto Rican and Cuban-American actor, who turns 38 today, hasn’t lost an ounce of his sex appeal since gaining acclaim on CSI: Miami. Last year, Rodriguez actually managed to take his hotness to the next level when he starred in Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper movie Magic Mike. In celebration of Rodriguez’s cumpleaños, here’s a look at 38 of his sexiest photos. You’re welcome!

1. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 01

He's SEXY! 

In November, we named Adam Rodriguez one of The 10 Sexiest Latino Men on Earth and it's easy to see why. The oh-so-handsome has got it going on with that big smile and swagger!

2. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 02

TV’s Sexiest Man

It’s no wonder TV Guide once named Adam Rodriguez one of the “50 Sexiest Men on TV.” The man is F-I-N-E, FINE!

3. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 03

Play Ball!

What If! Rodriguez’s dreams of becoming a professional baseball player ended when a sports injury sidelined him in high school… Even though he’s left a lasting impression on us as an actor, we can’t help but wonder how he’d fare as a baller. Or more importantly how he’d look in those skin-tight baseball pants.

4. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 4

Frisk Me!

Rodriguez, who portrayed Detective Eric Delko for 10 seasons on CSI: Miami, a man he has called a “laid-back, strong and silent type,” once shared the title of “We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Arrested By” with CSI’s Gary Dourdan. His response: "Wow! I'm going to blush, I feel so good."

5. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 5

Give Me Your Attention

Rodriguez’s sex appeal hits an all-time high when even his own ex-girlfriend Melanie Fiona sings sweet nothing about the attentive actor. "Adam is a very attentive and gentle man to spend time with,” said Fiona, according to SuculentaMagazine.com. “There are times when he goes out of his way to make it his personal business to do whatever he can for a woman he fancies or is fond of."

6. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 6

Grin & Share It!

Tell us we’re not the only ones who melt every single time Rodriguez flashes his pearly whites. 

7. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 7

Rain Man

We’d totally give Rodriguez shelter from the rain… The man is smokin’ hot wet or dry! 

8. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 8

A Tall Drink of Water

We don’t blame you for wanting to drink all of Rodriguez in. The 6’1” has the striking looks that’ll leave you doing triple takes!

9. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 9

Close Shave

While we’re used to seeing Rodriguez with more hair on his head, we can’t help but a little excited to see him with a close cute. He’s too dreamy for words!

10. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 10

Devil in Disguise?

He may have kissable lips and piercing eyes, but it’s Rodriguez devilish smile that really raises our temperature.

11. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 11

Dress You Up…

“Gonna dress you up in my love!” Yeah, we’re singing Madonna songs and daydreaming about all the dress up (or dress down) we’d play with Rodriguez, especially when he looks that good in a suit and tie!

12. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 12

LA or New York? I Doesn’t Matter

It’s nice to know Rodriguez doesn’t discriminate against women in LA or New York. “I think both cities have incredibly beautiful women,” Rodriguez told GuysGab.com. “Some of the very best in the world! I honestly can’t say one is better than other, they just tend to have different styles and they both work for me!”

13. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 13

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two…

Rodriguez donned a pair of glasses for a Teen.com event recently… And we can’t help but think he looks totally adorkable.

14. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 14

You Can’t Blame Betty!

In this scene from ABC’s Ugly Betty, America Ferrera manhandles her future brother-in-law. But can you blame her for wanting to get a closer look at all of Rodriguez’s hotness?

15. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 15

It’s T-Shirt Time

The Yonkers, New York native really doesn’t need to do much to make us drool… Just a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and those come-hither eyes!

16. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 16

Speak now…

Yes, yes… Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and Bobby’s (Rodriguez) wedding made us giddy. But had we been at the ceremony, we might have spoken up when the priest asked “If anyone here knows any reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Our reason was purely selfish. He belongs with us!

17. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 17

Suit & Tie

The lyrics to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” come to mind whenever we see Rodriguez lookin’ dapper. “And as long as I got my suit and tie, I'ma leave it all on the floor tonight, And you got fixed up to the nines, Let me show you a few things.” Oh how we wish he would show us a few things!

18. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 18

Pout, Pout, Let It All Out!

Check out those kissable lips! Sure we’re used to seeing Rodriguez smile from ear to ear, but whenever he pouts we get to witness those fabulously full lips!

19. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 19

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Forget the scarf! We’d totally find another way to keep Rodriguez warm on a cold, winter night.

20. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 20


It broke our hearts when CBS announced the send of CSI: Miami… Seeing Rodriguez sizzle in linen suits while hunting down criminals was something we looked forward to each week. But at least we can console ourselves with knowing we can always watch him on reruns!

21. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 21

Que Padre!

Rodriguez looks quite debonair on the cover of Padrisimo magazine. In that three-piece suit and sexy five o’clock shadow. ¡Ay caramba!

22. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 22


We couldn’t help but come to attention when Rodriguez and his shirtless Magic Mike co-stars appeared military army hats, camouflage pants and combat boots. ¡Caliente!

23. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 23

Dirty Dancing!

In this scene from Magic Mike, we can’t help but get a little jealous of the woman who joins him for a little dance, especially when he’s giving her that “I Want You” look! Lucky her!

24. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 24

Cover Boy

Rodriguez looks quite stylish and spicy hot on the cover of Urban Gentleman Magazine’s Spring 2012 issue.

25. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 25

A Rose for Me?

Oh how we can daydream with this photo! Call this scene from Magic Mike a double treat. Not only is Rodriguez holding a rose, but he’s showing off his toned torso too! Woo Hoo!  

26. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 26

You’re Not the Weakest Link… Hello!

For his skin-baring role in Magic Mike, Rodriguez had to get in the best shape of his life FAST. “I just knew [the rest of the cast] was going to show up ready to kill, and I didn’t want to be the weak link,” he told Men’s Fitness. “I had only six weeks to prepare, and honestly, I was like, ‘Am I going to have to do a cycle of steroids?’” Don’t worry! Instead of pulling a Lance Armstrong, Rodriguez hit the gym hard with trainer Tito Raymond.


27. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 27

What Body Fat?

Following his intense pre-Magic Mike workouts, Rodriguez weighed 180 pounds, cut his boy fat to five percent and became stronger than ever—just in time for filming. And we couldn’t help but notice the results on screen. Hubba-hubba!

28. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 28

R is for Romance!

Back in November 2011, Rodriguez made a guest appearance on Sesame Street. And while the children enjoyed the day’s lesson, but they weren’t the only ones watching! We’re pretty sure their madres found a good reason to tune in as well.

29. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 29

Che What?

Check out a casual Rodriguez looking all adorable in his Che Guevara t-shirt and New York baseball cap.

30. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 30

Black & White and Out of Sight!

Scruff has never looked as good as it does on Rodriguez on the black & white cover of H magazine’s April 26, 2012 issue.

31. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 31

Come to Bed…

Rodriguez is definitely oozing sexy in this photo… The shirtless hunk, a hunk of burning love is on fire!

32. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 32

Mr. Rodriguez If You’re Nasty…

Talk about steamy! Rodriguez sizzles in this photo from Essence photo shoot with “Nasty” singer Janet Jackson for the magazine’s August 2010 issue.

33. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 33

Make It Rain!

You really can’t fault the ladies for makin’ it rain money when the tall, dark and handsome Rodriguez takes the stage at Xquisite Strip Club in Magic Mike. After all, he’s got killer looks and some real sexy moves!

34. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 34

Beefcake Alert

Rodriguez made jaws drop when he showed off his new and improved body in last summer’s blockbuster stripper film Magic Mike.

35. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 35

Married Man

Rodriguez appeared  as Jesse Ramirez on the third season of Roswell and romanced Katherine Heigl’s character Isabel Stevens, leading to a big on-screen wedding between the pair. 

36. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 36

Skate This Way!

Rodriguez exudes nothing but cool confidence as he skateboards towards the camera in this photo. Rocking a white t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses, he looks like hot-hot-hot.

37. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 37


Rodriguez totally looks like the guy you’d bring home to meet your parents… While he’d make your mother swoon with his looks, he’d win your father other while sharing a beer together! 

38. Adam Rodriguez Birthday 38

Bubble Bath?

A tub full of water and bubbles is all that’s missing from this image… Everything else including Rodriguez’s taut bod, is perfection.