Bella Thorne's Boyfriend Apologizes After N-Word Appears on His Snapchat

Gregg Sulkin & Bella Thorne

Gregg Sulkin is in hot water because of his Snapchat. 

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A picture of the sexy Brit and his girlfriend Bella Thorne appeared on his account with the text "What up n***a." Fans starting criticizing Sulkin for using inappropriate language in his picture. 

"Unfourtunately my social media accounts were hacked yesterday and my phone was stolen. Things were posted to my account that I find appaling and unacceptable," he said. "I believe that being part of a religious minority myself, racism is an ignorance that I do not and will not tolerate in my life. I would like to apologize to my fans and anyone that was offended by the postings that were unfortunately beyond my control."

Thorne quickly came to her boyfriend's defense and let her fans know that he did indeed lose his phone and wasn't the one posting those inappropriate messages. 

"Omg Gregg lost his phone whoever is tweeting obvi isn't him #hacked," she tweeted. 

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We are glad Sulkin and Thorne cleared the whole thing up! 

Check out the offensive snap below: