The Funniest GIFs & Memes to Come Out of the 2015 Grammys

Nothing makes an awards show quite as entertaining as a GIF or meme, and so we present to you some of the funniest ones to come out of the 2015 Grammy Awards:

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1. Meme 1

Long lost twins found!

2. Meme 2

Went to the supermarket for some major outfit inspiration.

3. Meme 3

Place your vote!

4. Meme 4

Shoutout to Rihanna for arriving as a Dominican cake topper!

5. Meme 5

Iggy was like I found a great new stylist #twinning

6. Meme 7

Left shark channeled his inner ballerina tonight...

7. Grammy Meme 2

Yasss Madonna! She's still got it.

8. Grammy Meme 3

Really though, please don't ever stop.

9. Grammy Meme 4

Oh you know, just Kanye being Kanye...