Exclusive Outtakes From Gloria Estefan's August 2012 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our August 2012 cover star, icon Gloria Estefan? Check out some of these exclusive interview quotes from Gloria's cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands and at Nook newstand July 10!

1. Gloria Estefan Outtakes 4

Abuelita: “My grandma character on Glee was very Latin. She had a very thick accent and she was very stereotypical of the grown Latin woman who doesn’t want to talk about sex. She told Santana, You should have kept [your homosexuality] a secret and it’s interesting, because she didn’t say to her, You shouldn’t be gay. She told her, You shouldn’t have made me face this. That’s what secrets are for. And that’s sometimes a very Latin way of dealing with things.” 

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The Healer: “I wanted to be a psychologist and help people one at a time. Through my music, I can send messages with my lyrics. I get to do it on a much grander scale."

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The Next Generation of Fans: “I have new fans who are 14, 15 years old. I think my [older] fans indoctrinate their kids. It also helps that in the U.S. I’m in the 4th grade reader, there’s a whole section of me in Hispanic heritage. So all of a sudden, you’ll have this nine year old kid who is wondering, Who is this? They Google me and find all this music, like "Conga" in Chipmunk 3D.”

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We Won’t Do You Wrong, Gloria! “Before Twitter I never read reviews, I never read my articles because invariably they quoted me wrong.”

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Saving Lives Through Music: "The most fulfilling thing as a songwriter is to have someone say, You know, I was going to kill myself and your song came on the radio just as I was thinking about it, and I thought this can’t be a coincidence, and I’m so happy I didn't do that.”

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Most Prized Possession: “Emilio and I both love music, we respect each other, we each do our thing and we let each other do our thing. There has never been an I-don’t-want-you-to-shine sort of thing. 

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The Art of Aging Gracefully: I have no problem with aging. Every step of the way has been great for me. Of course, you don’t love seeing your body going through changes, but you know what? Every step of the way has something that is magical about it. As long as you don’t try to cling to stuff that is not yours anymore. There’s a season for everything.”

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TV Guilty Pleasure: “A show where people break into song and dance, everybody used to say, That’s cheesy! Now, people want cheese because reality is so hardcore. I think entertainment reflects that. I think if you look during WWII, all the big musicals and movies were escapist and that grows when people want to escape reality. In the '80s and '90s everything was about how dark you could be. When I was a kid, you knew if you went to a movie, no matter how hard the movie was, you would get a happy ending. Now we’re moving back to having happy endings, more silly movies and musicals. It’s why I like Smash very much.”

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Words to Live By: “Show people that you can rise above and be strong and that you can get past the things that life throws your way that may be really crappy, and that you never give up.”