Gina Rodriguez: I Want to Be the Latino Meryl Streep!

Gina Rodriguez attends Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration
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Gina Rodriguez is on a mission: Take on roles that serve the Latino community positively, and become the Latino Meryl Streep. (Go, girl!)

Currently featured as The Hollywood Reporter's "Next Big Thing," the 29-year-old actress dished on how she mapped out her Hollywood career plan.

"I saw an interview that Rita Moreno had done very early on [while I was] in high school before I started getting into theater. She had refused to play certain roles because of they way they made her feel and the way they made younger girls feel about her," Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I found that interesting because my parents never thought that change was possible through art. I could see this gorgeous, Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar winner tell me that I can do something with my art other than just the fancy dresses and the playing pretend. It's always somebody that opens the door before you. The idea of being a sacrificial lamb, or being a complicated actor really wasn't the truth; it was more for standing for what you believe in."

She continued, "I didn't see color as a young girl; I used to think that we didn't even exist … and then to see Rita do it, I just realized we needed to make a stronger impact. That set off my course. And I used to say that I was going to be the Latino Meryl Streep one day. [Laughs]"

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