Get to Know Honor Marie Warren!

They grow up so fast! Today, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s adorable little girl Honor Marie turned three, and we want to wish her a very happy birthday! We’re sure she celebrated in a fun way with her loving family. In many ways, little Honor resembles her mami, especially in her girly style—which we love. During a recent interview with Latina, Jessica spoke at length about little Honor, who is going to be a big sister soon! (Jessica's rep tells us that she and Cash have not confirmed whether it'll be a boy or a girl yet, despite rumors that Honor will have a sis).

“It’s funny, I was such a tomboy when I was a kid but Honor is very girly,” Jessica reveals. “I’m much more girly now than when I was her age.”

Another thing Honor Marie does, like most kids, is tell it like it is—even if it slightly embarrasses her mom. “Sometimes she notices things in public and she’ll just call someone out to their face,” says Jessica, “like if someone has a little bit of a belly she’ll say ‘Do they have a baby in their belly, momma?’ and I have to tell her ‘don’t say it so loud.’ And they very well could be, but you just never know. Sometimes it’s embarrassing,” she adds with a laugh.

One thing Jessica has done since Honor was born is instill an appreciation for different cultures. In fact, two of Honor’s favorite cartoons are Dora The Explorer and Ni Hao Kai Lan. “I think Ni Hao is just as important as Dora,” says the proud mama. “Dora speaks Spanish with an accent and Ni Hao speaks accented Chinese, but at least they’re being exposed to something else and not just a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who wants to marry a prince.”

As much as Jessica encourages Honor to watch educational cartoons, she also makes sure to keep her playing outside. “I think too much television and entertainment is fine and God knows I grew up on it, but I think it’s also nice to play outside and have fun,” Jessica tells us. “The more we can get her to use her imagination and have more analogue-driven education and stimulation, the better.” One activity Honor loves is ballet.

As for protecting Honor from the paps, Jessica knows there’s only so much she can do. “I don’t like that they shoot her,” she says. “That’s my least favorite thing. But I don’t want her to have anxiety about it so I don’t yell at them or freak out every time. I don’t want her to live in a world where she’s afraid to leave the house.”

But Jessica need not worry too much, because Honor has already started to show signs that she’ll be able to stand up for herself when life requires it. “I think it’s funny when she kind of tries to put her foot down about who she wants to be around or whether she wants to do something or not,” Jessica says. “She’s not a puppet; she can’t just be told what to do all the time without questions or challenges. Sometimes it’s frustrating, especially if she’s doing something dangerous like trying to cross the street or disturbing someone, but in general I like when she stands up for herself and when she has opinions and tries to articulate what those are, but then I like when she wants to cuddle. I like all of it.

So does little Honor resemble little Jessica? Absolutely! “My dad [Mark, who is Mexican American] said I was just as independent and trying to be self-sufficient at a really early age,” says Jessica. “He doesn’t necessarily like it, so he says ‘It’s a good thing and a bad thing.’ But I say, ‘Actually, it’s a really good thing because she won’t be a pushover and she has an idea of what makes her happy and what she wants out of life. And if she makes mistakes, she’s gonna have to pick herself up and move forward. I like that fearlessness that she has.”

Leave it to Honor’s abuelos to spoil her. Jessica tells us that, although she’s not a huge fan of theme parks like Disney Land, grandpa Mark and grandma Cathy enjoy taking Honor out on the town. “When I was a kid I liked that stuff cause I liked to go on scary rides,” says Jessica, “ but now I get motion sickness and I’ve read too many things about people flying off rollercoasters so I’m scared. And I don’t like crowds so much. But my parents love that stuff so they take her to the zoo or to the theme parks or to have lunch somewhere.”