George Lopez Will Move to Canada if Sarah Palin is Elected President

George Lopez spoke candidly about everything from politics to his late grandmother to his divorce on last night’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Lopez, who is making the promotional rounds for his latest movie The Smurfs (he’s the voice of Grouchy Smurf) got some laughs when he was asked about Sarah Palin’s presidential bid. “I would move to Canada,” the 50-year-old told Morgan of his plans if she were to ever become president of the United States.  “I like my politicians to actually have a political background.” He also touched on his possible plans to run for Mayor of Los Angeles in eight years, which we totally support!

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Things took a more serious turn when Lopez began to talk about his upbringing with his late grandmother.  “She was the one that, whether good or bad, I loved the most,” he said.  Lopez’s grandmother took him in when he was 10 years old, after his parents left him.  A misty-eyed Lopez said he kept some of his grandmother’s remains on his dresser after she was cremated.  “I wish that I would’ve told her that there was nobody that loved her or would have protected her more than me,” Lopez said.  “And that when she wasn’t around, that I would think of her everyday – I’ll never forget her.”

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Lopez also spoke about Ann Serrano, whom he was married to for more than 17 years.  Their divorce was finalized earlier this month.  “Ann was great,” he said.  “And Ann came from a family that was very connected. Both her parents were doctors.  I always used to say we're opposites, because both her parents were doctors and mine never went to the doctor.”  Serrano donated a kidney to Lopez in 2005 when he was suffering from kidney disease. 

George Lopez Divorcing his Wife

“I was fortunate enough to be married to her for 17 years,” Lopez told Morgan.  “And as marriages go, it was fun.  We used to look at each other and laugh, and we had nothing when we started.  So it was a great period.”

Watch two clips of Lopez’s interview with Morgan below: