This George Lopez Parody Video of Donald Trump's SNL Gig is a Must-Watch

While demonstrators plan "Dump Trump" protests outside of NBC Studios, George Lopez and Funny or Die are teaming up to expose the absurdity of Donald Trump hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend through comedy.

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The funny man returns as Donaldo Trumpez, a Mexican version of Trump, though this time appearing on "Noche De Sabado En Vivo," which translates to "Saturday Night Live."

The clip begins with Trumpez dressed in a "Humpty Trumpty" costume, as a Mariachi band sings, "Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall." Of course, Trumpez hilariously adds in, "In the polls!"

Trumpez then delivers a speech that couldn’t be more spot-on.

"There was a time when I could call leaders stupid, and let people know I could fix any problem without any explanation, and no one would question me," Trumpez, taking a jab at the real Republican hopeful’s lack of proposals, said. "A time when all I had to do was call a foreigner a rapist or refer to a female candidate as ugly and the whole world would cheer."

For the more than 520 thousand petitioners who have called on the variety show to disinvite Trump, this is exactly what producers are doing: applauding Trump’s racist and sexist speech by giving him a platform to spew it.

Despite cries from politicians, celebrities and thought leaders, the petition and a rally, Trump is still scheduled to host SNL Saturday, Nov. 7.

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Watch the short "Noche De Sabado En Vivo" episode above.