WATCH: George Lopez is Mexican Donald Trump in the Best Funny or Die Video, Ever

Meet Donaldo Trumpez, world famous developer of soccer fields and brothels — and the man who may be the future President of Mexico.  

George Lopez put on his best Donald Trump wig and jumped right into character. The presidential candidate was sure to include all of his plans for the country he adores so much. What do these "plans" include?

Well, let's start with the magnificent wall that is to be built to help Mexicans keep those pesky Americans from ruining the great country. Mexico isn't about donkey shows or topless women, it's so much more!

And Señor Trumpez isn't afraid to discuss the hard-hitting truths. "We gave them Salma Hayek, an incredible actress (and Latina's October 2015 cover star!) and in return the United States sent fugitives, who murdered our wives!"

*Insert telenovela gasp*

Watch the video above and listen to all the buffoonery Donaldo is spitting!