Gael Garcia Bernal Moves to Madrid with His Pregnant Girlfriend

While we're still in denial over the fact that Gael García Bernal will be the proud father of a baby boy in just a few short months, it looks like the Mexican actor is swiftly adapting to this new phase of his life. Spain's HOLA! magazine reports that Gael has left his native Mexico and settled down in Madrid with his pregnant novia, Dolores Fonzi, to await the birth of their child, who is due early next year. While the 29-year-old is normally press shy, he and Dolores appear to have relaxed since their relocation overseas, kissing on the street and doing interviews with local media. Gael tells the mag:

"Having a child is the most beautiful thing there is. Those who are already parents, they know this. And those who aren't parents, soon we'll know it, too."

With Gael now living an ocean away, and his BFF Diego Luna already a doting daddy back in Mexico, our worst fears have come true. The wait for a Gael-Diego onscreen reunion is now guaranteed to be, Matt-and-Ben epic. Sigh. Hopefully they'll entertain us soon with photos of them holding their adorable sons! On playdates, perhaps? Hey, we can dream.