Gael Garcia Bernal to be a Father

Gael Garcia Bernal seems to be in a state of denial about his girlfriend Dolores Fonzi's pregnancy. The actor has routinely rebutted rumors that he and Argentinian actress Dolores are having a baby, but these days the evidence is starting to speak for itself. In this picture (taken this week in Europe), Dolores doesn't even seem to be trying to cover up her bump.

Sources close to the actor confirm to that Gael and Dolores will have their first son in November. "Two people very close to the Mexican and a friend of the Argentinean confirmed that Dolores is four and a half months pregnant and that the father is Gael," reports, adding that "another source discloses that Fonzi met Gael's maternal family last December, when the actor brought her to Guadalajara to spend New Years together. In a reunion at his grandfather's house, Fonzi was playing with the kids and getting along very well with Gael's mother, Patricia Bernal."

Gael has been just as shy about admitting his relationship with Dolores, who he met on the set of their film Vidas Privadas in 2001 (while he was still dating Natalie Portman). Even though the two have been seen together for several years, up until even a few months ago Gael was issuing statements claiming that he and Dolores had nothing more than "a friendship and professional camaraderie."

So why is Gael being so coy about his relationship and growing family? Is he still hoping to get on-again with Natalie Portman? Worried about making his true better half, Diego Luna, jealous? We can't think of any legitimate reason that doesn't involve Gael simply being an ass. We wish you were still single as much as anyone, but when a baby is on the way, it's time to man up, Gael.