The Funniest #PopeBars Memes to Hit the Internet

#PopeBars is the Illmatic of Pope Francis memes. The Argentine down with the most holy has provided another pic ripe with meme possibilities — and the Internet delivered. Thank you Internet. Thank you Pope Francis. And finally, thank you hip-hop.

Here are few of the funniest #PopeBars memes:

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1. The Popizzle:

Broadway god, Lin-Manuel Miranda added Snoop’s classic “izzle.”

2. The Notorious P.O.P.E.:

A holy remix of the Biggie classic, “Juicy.”

3. Jesus’ Squad:

JC and his original crew would out-rap any MC.

4. Drake Faith:

Meek Mill stays losing. 

5. Pope Z:

he’s only down with the Lord. Get it right: 

6. The Holiest Rap Album Ever:

He’s got Saint Peter as a featured artist. 

7. Slim Pope:

Apparently 8 Mile is on the way to heaven.