LMAO! The 9 Funniest Latina Comics Ever!

With Aubrey Plaza’s hilarious movie The To Do List in theatres today, we saw it fit to present the 9 Funniest Latina Comics Ever! Hold on to your chichos because these ladies are gut busters.

1. funny slide 01_aubrey

Aubrey Plaza

Hipster Latinos, Aubrey Plaza is thy Queen. Hipster garb aside, the Puerto Rican, Irish and British actress/comedian gets her first major lead role in today’s The To Do List, where she portrays a high school grad trying to get sex-ready for college. The Parks and Recreation star’s brand of comedy is dry quick-witted and often blindsides you with funny.

2. funny slide 02_La India Maria

La India María

Portrayed and created by Mexican actress Maria Elena Velasco, La India María often encountered racism and classism but overcame it with her good nature and plenty of laughs. During her 30-year run (1972-2004), La India María was the lead character in 16 films and starred in her own TV series, Ay María Qué Puntería. She represented the best of indigenous folk of Latin America with a golden heart.

3. funny slide 04_Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson

This former Oakland Raider cheerleader broke YouTube comedy records with her under qualified and irritating employee, Bon Qui Qui. The Mexican and Native American comic recently aired her special, The Homecoming Show, on NuvoTV to rave reviews. After releasing music videos as her alter ego, Bon Qui Qui, Johnson even landed a deal with Atlantic Records. Laughing all the way to the bank, we see!

4. funny slide 03_Nena Jimenez

La Nena Jimenez

The late Colombian comic was Richard Pryor in a dress! A pioneer for women in comedy, La Nena started her career on radio in her native country and in 1974 released her first album via Discos Fuentes. Her specialty was chistes verdes/picantes—basically the dirtier the joke, the better.

5. funny slide 05_Sandra Valls

Sandra Valls

We know this Mexican comic is a badass, and we also know she’s one of the funniest Latinas to ever pick a mic. Classic excerpt from her standup: “I read in the news there’s a cure for gay. Well, if there’s a cure it’s probably a disease, right? And if it’s a disease, pues I deserve sick time. Hello, I can’t come it today…I’m calling in gay.” 

6. funny slide 08_La Chilindrina

La Chilindrina

Maria Antonieta de la Nieves will forever be in our hearts as La Chilindrina on El Chavo del Ocho. The freckled-faced Chilindrina’s ponytails were always uneven and her Coke bottle eyeglasses, green-pattern dress and unbuttoned red sweater was a comedy explosion waiting to detonate. 

7. funny slide 07_Jill Michelle Melean

Jill Michele Melean

Jilly is the perfect trifecta—sexy, smart and funny. The Bolivian and Irish comedienne’s standup routine covers relationships, parenting, and her Latino roots. During her time on MADtv, Melean’s celebrity impersonations (Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore) were spot-on. 

8. funny slide 09_Kiki Melendez

Kiki Melendez

As a producer/writer/actress, Melendez created Hot Tamales Live!—a showcase of all types of performers which culminated on a critically acclaimed airing on Showtime in 2009. Classic excerpt from her routine: “I feel so at home here at San Antonio. Let me tell you this leg can save you and your entire family. This is 100 percent cuchifrito, queso frito, platano frito…”

9. funny slide 06_Charo


Maria del Rosario Mercedes . . . (give a sec to catch our breath) . . . Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza or simply, Charo, hit her career high in the ‘70s headlining Las Vegas and making numerous TV appearances with her trademark “cuchi cuchi.” Today some critics even say Sofia Vergara borrowed from the Spanish performer for her Modern Family character.