Happy Birthday, Freddie Prinze Jr! 38 Photos of the Former Teen Heartthrob

Say it isn’t so! Freddie Prinze, Jr., America’s teenage dream in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is turning 38 today!

The Puerto Rican actor who starred in the blockbuster films She’s All That, Boys and Girls and I Know What You Did Last Summer must have discovered the Fountain of Youth… Prinze, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s better half and a father of two, still looks like a Teen People cover boy more than 15 years after his feature film debut in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday in 1996! To celebrate his birthday, here’s a look at 38 photos of our very own Prinze Charming.

1. Freddie Prinze Jr. 38

From Teen Hottie to Silver Fox

Prinze made our hearts skip a beat when he appeared on Lifetime's Witches of East End late last year. The former teen heartthrob was shirtless and sporting a few gray hairs, but boy was he looking hot as ever!

2. freddie slide 01

A Tall Glass of Water

General Hospital star and Prinze’s ex-girlfriend Kimberly McCullough once describe the 6’1” actor as “tall and lengthy and not stocky or all buffed up.” But we’d just call him “a tall glass of water.” And boy are we thirsty!

3. freddie slide 02

He’s Proud of His Cultura

Prinze may have been raised in Albuquerque, but he spent his summers in Puerto Rico with his paternal grandmother, who taught him Spanish and educated him on his culture. So he isn’t just culturally aware, he’s also an abuelita’s boy!

4. freddie slide 03


During his teen sensation days, Prinze earned several awards, including three Teen Choice Awards, a Blockbuster Entertainment Award and a Kids’ Choice Award,  cementing his status as young Hollywood’s bright star! 

5. freddie slide 04

It’s T-Shirt Time!

Sure, t-shirts should be worn on your upper body… But when you’re as adorable as Prinze, we’re fine with you wearing one on your cabeza instead. After all, it gets us more to enjoy!

6. freddie slide 05

He’s So “Cool”

During his teen heartthrob days, Prinze appeared on the cover of the French magazine Cool! with a French tagline that declared him “Le nouveau héros romantique!” Translation: “The new romantic hero!”

7. freddie slide 06

He’s Ready for His Close-Up

What better way to kick off this Freddie Prinze Jr. retrospective than with an image from his first motion picture To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, in which he starred opposite Claire Danes. The film’s tagline: Some love lasts a lifetime. Real love lasts forever. Ain’t that the truth when it comes to our love for Prinze.

8. freddie slide 07

Makeup Man

In his beach scenes for She’s All That, Prinze admitted to having a little help from the makeup department on his bod. “This lady shaded me, and I looked up and yo! I had a chest!” he told People. But we don’t mind one bit… He’s still so adorable!

9. freddie slide 08

Just Right!

In an interview with People magazine, Prinze described himself as  “not too skinny, not too fat—you know, normal.” But we’d just call him “just right!”

10. freddie slide 09

Close Shave

Prinze had to shave all this hair off after portraying Fred in 2002’s Scooby-Doo because the bleach destroyed his hair. But even without a full head of hair, Prinze looks HOT!

11. freddie slide 10

Well, Good Morning!

In  2000’s rom-com Boys and Girls, Prinze  may play Ryan Walker, a former high school mascot who goes on to study structural engineering in college. His character is described as “deliberate, serious and requires planning in life.” But when he gets out of bed in the morning, all shirtless, all we see is a hottie with a body!

12. freddie slide 11

Is That a Half Smile?

It’s hard not to melt when Prinze smiles, especially when it’s his signature half-smile with just a hint of dimple—like in this scene from Boys and Girls. ¡Que chulo!

13. freddie slide 12

Hot for Teacher?

Van Halen may be talking about a female instructor in their 1984 hit single “Hot for Teacher,” but we’re thinking we’d never get any classwork done if Prinze was leading our class, especially when he looks so adorable sitting on a desk and leaning into the camera in this poster.

14. freddie slide 13

Sure, I Know What You Did Last Summer had us screaming to the very end…. But in this scene from the blockbuster hit slasher film that made Prinze a bona fide star we couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to share a little beach bonfire time with him.

15. freddie slide 14

These Eyes…

This image of Prinze from 2000’s Down to You makes us think of The Guess Who’s breakout hit “These Eyes.” One look into Prinze’s peepers and we’re mesmerized, singing “These eyes have seen a lot of loves… But they're never gonna see another one like I had with you.”

16. freddie slide 15

Hollywood’s Power Couple

Prinze and his I Know What You Did Last Summer co-star-turned-wife Sarah Michelle Gellar graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s June 21, 2002 issue, with a cover line that declared them “a Hollywood power couple.”


17. freddie slide 16

Most Beautiful…

With a face like that, its no wonder Prinze was named one of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 2000. Our only question is why didn’t her earn a spot on the list every year?!

18. freddie slide 17

Mr. Golden Globe

Before his breakout role in 1996’s To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Prinze was Mr. Golden Globe at the 1996 Golden Globe Awards, presenting awards to all the night’s recipients. And we couldn’t help but look past winners on the stage (like Nicolas Cage and John Travolta) at Prinze and ask ourselves, “Quien es ese niño?

19. freddie slide 18

A Shoulder to Cry On

He may be distracted by the object in his hands in this scene from Head Over Heels, but we’d lay our head on those bare shoulders any day!

20. freddie slide 19

Our Deep (V) Love

Long before the current men’s deep v-neck t-shirt craze took over America, Prinze showed up looking all F-I-N-E-FINE in a long-sleeve chest-exposing shirt for his interview with Howard Stern on his radio show.

21. freddie slide 20

Batter Up!

In 2001’s Summer Catch, Prinze portrays a local poor lad with mad skillz on the diamond. And when he goes on to become a major league baseball player, we couldn’t help but cheer. Gimme an F-R-E-D-D-I-E!

22. freddie slide 21

If I Was Your Girlfriend…

Sarah Michelle Gellar is one lucky lady…  We’d be grinning from ear-to-ear too, like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is on the cover of Girlfriend magazine, if we were married to that tall drink of water!

23. freddie slide 22

As Bad As It Gets…

He’s more of an All-American boy… But in this photo shoot for People magazine, Prinze channeled his inner biker dude, donning a black leather jacket and looking as hot as ever.


24. freddie slide 23

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

These days, teen heartthrobs like Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron pose in skin-revealing attire… or go shirtless. But that wasn’t the case with Prinze. In this photo for a profile in People magazine, Prinze wears a cozy sweater that just screams, “Cuddle with me.” And boy would we!

25. freddie slide 24

Blonde Ambition

For his role as Fred in 2002’s live-action film adaptation of Scooby-Doo, Prinze dyed his hair blonde.  And even though we prefer him with dark hair, we must admit he looked as handsome as ever.

26. freddie slide 25

Look Away!

It’s no wonder I Know What You Did Last Summer earned $125 million at the box office. The horror film featured Prinze and Ryan Phillippe. But even though Prinze is looking away in the movie’s official poster, he still managed to steal the spotlight from fellow hunk Phillippe.



27. freddie slide 26

What Happens in Vegas…

It’s probably not one of Prinze’s most recognizable films, but he still proved to be a charmer in the Las Vegas-themed film Sparkler.

28. freddie slide 27

He Was Just Seventeen…

Talk about charm on overdrive… To promote his film Down to You, Prinze appeared on the February 2000 cover of Seventeen with smile that just makes our hearts melt. And that cover line quote, “Girls don’t have to be thin to be hot,” just makes us love him even more.

29. freddie slide 28

Glancing King.

Prinze is the king of the side-glance… He’s displayed it in all of his rom-coms… But he uses it to perfection on the poster for She’s All That. So swoon worthy!

30. freddie slide 29

Why So Serious?

There’s no denying Prinze’s ability to make us swoon, even when he’s got a serious look on his face, like in this scene from 1999’s She’s All That.

31. freddie slide 30

Pomp and Circumstance

Why, oh why couldn’t we be in Prinze’s graduating class.? Or at least an extra on the She’s All That set for this scene, which featured Prinze with a cap and no gown! Hubba, Hubba.

32. freddie slide 31

He’s All That!

Prinze’s 1999 film She’s All That should have been called He’s All That I mean, just look at him in and his oh-so-chiseled face in this scene from the film. It’s no wonder he earned a Teen Choice Award that year for Film – Choice Actor.


33. freddie slide 32

Move Over, Fabio!

Fabio may have been the romance novel king in his day. But Prinze could totally give him a run for his money in this scene from She’s All That with that unbuttoned shirt and Greek-god-like gaze. He’s definitely our Harlequin romance!

34. freddie slide 33

Step Off My Man!

Oh no you didn’t! We don’t blame you for feeling slightly jealous of the girl hanging on Prinze [Charming] in this scene from She’s All That! We get a little upset too.

35. freddie slide 34

This Kiss, This Kiss… It’s Criminal!

It’s no wonder Prinze and his She’s All That co-star Rachel Leigh Cook earned a Best On-Screen Duo nomination at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards and earned a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Couple. Their chemistry was criminal; and it made us want to be on the receiving end of Prinze’s lip-locks!

36. freddie slide 35

Oh Deere!

I’d wouldn’t be shocked if Prinze caused a few traffic accidents in the neighborhood the day he shot this scene for Summer Catch. Prinze shirtless on a John Deere lawnmower lookin’ hotter than ever… A total double-take moment!

37. freddie slide 36

He’s a Shy Guy!

Even though he appeared shirtless in films like She’s All That and Summer Catch, Prinze told People magazine that he wore a robe between takes. “Freddie’s very shy about having any attention drawn to him at all,” said director Robert Iscove in that article. And to that we say “Awww!”

38. freddie slide 37

Teenage Dream

Try not to melt when you look at Prinze on the cover of Teen People’s June/July 2001. Then read the inside article where he says, “I challenge you to find somebody who treats the person they love better than I do, I'm the best boyfriend in the world” and fall truly, madly, deeply in love.