EXCLUSIVE: Francia Raisa Talks 'Christmas Bounty' & BFF Selena Gomez!

Were you able to relate to this character at all? In what ways?
Oh, yeah. I'm just as independent as Tory and at one point went through an identity crisis with my career choice. My dad put me in training from the time I was 5 for this business and I quit all of it my freshman year of high school because I felt it was a choice that was made for me.

But after a year of not dancing or anything, I realized how much I loved it and focused on my career and doing what I'm doing now. It’s the same with Tory - she had to take a break (from being a bounty hunter) to realize that she did have a passion for it.
Tory has to work with her ex-boyfriend Mike. Have you ever had to work with an ex or deal with one very closely for any other reason?
Not yet! I wouldn't doubt it will happen at some point. Depending on who it is it could be an interesting, awkward situation or something fun! [Laughs]
Have you ever found yourself torn between two guys, like Tory?
Not like Tory, no. But I can be a hopeless romantic sometimes and I think everyone is “the one” [Laughs]! My friends make fun of me for it because I'll date someone for a bit and think he is the one, then we’ll break-up and I’ll meet someone new and think they are the one. But then I run into the old “one” and realize I still have feelings for him but I still have the other one and then I meet someone entirely new.

Bottom line, I live my life like it’s a Lifetime movie; I just get really excited and dramatic. My friends don't take me seriously anymore [Laughs]! But I never have the “boyfriend/girlfriend” title - that's too serious for me. I just date.

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