Former Miss Universe Amelia Vega HANDLED the Internet Troll Who Said Her Baby Has 'Pelo Malo'


How people can think it’s okay to attack children on the Internet is beyond us, but that’s exactly what happened to Former Dominican Miss Universe, Amelia Vega’s adorable little girl.

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When the wife of Boston Celtics player Al Horford posted this sweet photo of her nine-month-old daughter, Instagram user @normardguez01 commented that the child had “pelo malo,” or “bad hair,” the incredibly offensive term usually reserved for Afro-Latinos with curly hair that has furthered feelings of self-hate and racism within the community.


Outraged by this user’s ignorance, and protecting her sweet girl, Vega wrote this in response:

"Lady, you have no better things to do than to criticize a baby's hair over the Internet? No hair is BAD because I still don’t know any hair that killed anyone. You don’t know me or my daughter to talk about something that you haven’t seen.”

And when Vega noticed that the user posted a bible verse in her profile and described herself as a loving mother and grandmother, she seized on the opportunity to call out the hypocrisy, adding:

"I saw you read the Bible and have a psalm on your profile. I recommend you look for the verse 'from the abundance of his heart, his mouth speaks.'"

Vega spoke to the Latin Times about the exchange. 

"Where are we as a society when we are criticizing babies online?," she said. "We need to find proactive things to do with our lives: cheer, support each other and use social media in a positive and informative way. We need to spread love in all its different ways instead of spreading hate and bullying.

I rarely comment on any hateful message, but I didn’t want my young followers, who have any type of hair but straight, to think they are not beautiful. As simple as it sounds we don't see how far a message like this can impact a young life."

Vega’s followers agreed and came to the singer-actress’s defense with some comments of their own in support of her and her precious daughter and condemnation of that shameful user (who's handle has since been deleted). 

We know there is so much work to do as a community and we celebrate Amelia Vega for standing up and speaking out.

"This situation has made me realize even more about this matter and is a good wakeup call even for myself," she also told the Latin Times.

We hope this makes many others hear the call as well.

H/T: Vivala, The Latin Times