The First Jobs of Your Favorite Celebrities Revealed!

First jobs -- we all have to start somewhere. Maybe you flipped burgers at a fast food joint or perfected your fold working in retail.

Celebrities are no different. Click through below to find out how some of our celebs made ends meet before making the big bucks.


Diane Guerrero

The Orange is the New Black star's activism for immigration rights stems from her family's deportation from the U.S. to Colombia when she was 14. However, what most people don't know is that before landing on the Netflix series, the actress spent her days in a law office. 


Eva Mendes

The mother-of-two might have built a fashion empire thanks to her collaboration with New York & Company but that wasn't always the case. Before hitting the big screen alongside Denzel Washington in 'Training Day,' the 43-year-old sold hot dogs on sticks in a mall and worked in a pizza place called Ciao.


Adam Rodriguez

Before the actor graced the big screen with sensual dance moves on Magic Mike (and, you know, his other TV/film roles), Puerto Rican/Cuban cutie Adam Rodriguez worked as a stockbroker.


George Lopez

The Mexican American funny man worked in radio before making it big in the stand-up comedy world and television.


La La Anthony

The incredibly hard-working La La Anthony worked as a programming assistant at an Atlanta-based radio station before breaking her way into television. The rest is a wrap.



Before her voice entertained millions worldwide with her fellow Black Eyed Peas, Fergie dabbled in voiceover work – the pop star was once the voice of Charlie Brown’s little sister Sally in several Peanuts movies and was one of the original Sally voices for the series. Pretty cool, huh?


Chuy Bravo

Before he snagged his coveted gig as Chelsea Handler’s late-night show sidekick, one of Chuy Bravo’s first jobs was finding hookers during the production of The Three Amigos


Mariah Carey

The 43-year-old diva worked several odd jobs before catapulting to super-stardom, including a gig as a coat checker and another as a waitress.


Evelyn Lozada

The Puerto Rican reality TV star/businesswoman worked as an assistant to an entertainment attorney before she got picked to star in VH1’s Basketball Wives.


Javier Bardem

The Spanish actor was quite a bit of things before becoming an actor – his jobs included being a bouncer, writer, construction worker, and a stripper (for one day only). 


Jennifer Lopez

While she struggled to make it in dancing, a very young J.Lo worked at a law firm during the day to make ends meet.


Antonio Banderas

As a struggling young actor, the handsome Antonio Banderas juggled work as a waiter and model.


Eva Longoria

Way before she made the big bucks in Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria fetched fries and burgers at Wendy’s for six years. The Mexican American actress also worked at an automotive repair shop.


Paz Vega

The 37-year-old Spanish actress mixed drinks as a bartender/bar waitress before making her television debut in the Spanish TV series, Menudo Es Mi Padre.


Raquel Welch

Years before establishing herself as an international sex symbol, Raquel Welch (whose father was from Bolivia) worked as a local TV weather girl in San Diego, California. She was also a barmaid at one point. 


Eddie Cibrian

Can you believe the Cuban American actor once worked as a security guard for Nordstrom?


Mark Consuelos

Yes, ladies. Actor/stud Mark Consuelos was a stripper before becoming an actor.