The First Ever Afro-Latino Superhero Is Coming to Theaters This Month

Spider-Man sure has had a lot of incarnations, from television cartoons to animated and live action films. But, we’ve never seen the superhero like this before.

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In Sony Pictures’ upcoming animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, being released on December 18, we’ll meet Miles Morales, the first ever Afro-Latino superhero to hit the big screen.

Morales is a character from the “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man” comic book series who picks up where Peter Parker leaves off after he is killed. In a second series of the comic, Parker unexpectedly returns but inevitably decides to hang up his suit and pass the title onto Morales.

Though as a Sony Animated Pictures Film, it is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the team made up of Sony, Disney and Marvel Studios that shares the Spider-Man movie rights), it’s still a significant step to have a superhero with a black father and Puerto Rican mother. Morales is the first black character and second Latino to take on the Spider-Man role.

Check out the official trailer below!


H/T: Mitú