WATCH: Fifth Harmony Records An Amazing, Inspiring Message For The Trans Community

Last week, Camila Cabello took to Instagram to share an inspirational message for one of her fans — and the entire trans community. One of her #Harmonizers, a woman named Camila Joe, told Cabello that she had inspired her to become her true self and transition into a woman. 

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Cabello, 18, responded with an Instagram photo and post: "The stunning, confident, magical woman standing next to me is named Camila Joe. I met her during a signing last year when her name was 'Joey' and she told me I inspired her to have the courage to transition," she wrote. "And right before my eyes, today I saw a beautiful, confident woman."

Now, the Cubana singer and her Fifth Harmony bandmates — Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke HernandezNormani Hamilton, and Dinah Jane Hansen — have also chimed in with a message of love and support for the trans community. 

"The number one thing that we try to promote is to be who you are and to love who you are. No matter what that means," Jauregui said. "We support that in every sort of aspect of that meaning. I get chills thinking about us helping people become who they are."

"To have the platform that we do have, we want to use it for the better and help change the world," Normani Hamilton added. Watch the full video above!

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