Exclusive Outtakes: Fifth Harmony's November 2015 Cover Shoot!

Want even more from our November 2015 cover stars Fifth Harmony? Check out these exclusive quotes from their cover, and don't forget to pick up the cover, on newsstands on October 13th!

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1. 5hOuttakes: 1

Ally Brooke on Selena Quintanilla: “When I was about nine years old, I fell in love with music. Selena has always been my inspiration. She’s been my favorite entertainer of all time, and ever since I can remember, I would look at her in interviews and she would have so much charisma. She had such an energy about her that was so beautiful. I loved her and adored her. She was really one with the music. And that’s what really inspired me and continues to inspire me.

I just want to make our generation as aware of [Selena] as I can, because she was an incredible entertainer. For me, I take a lot of my inspiration from her, but I don’t feel a [pressure] to be like her. Nowadays, artists are embraced for being themselves. Because of social media, you’re so close to your fans. It helps you to engage with your fans. I want to be as much of an inspiration as she was — hopefully for my generation.”

2. 5hOuttakes: 2

Ally Brooke on being part of a diverse girl group: "It’s just so sad that people judge people. There’s just a lot of racism going on. It’s so awesome that we’re so multicultural. That we’re able to represent the diversity of this world in one group — I think it says something about our generation. We really want to influence [our fans] to support one another and look past appearances. Go past any judgments that you have and give every person a chance.”

3. 5hOuttakes: 3

Ally Brooke on Demi Lovato: “Demi [Lovato] is so awesome. She was always so friendly, and she would always come into our dressing room and check-in on us. She was always so fun. She would do pranks on everyone. She would make touring fun for herself and for the people around her. She never had an ego, and she never treated anyone like she was better than them. She’s such an awesome artist and person — and she’s from Texas!”

4. 5hOuttakes: 4

Dinah Jane on her love of singing: “I grew up in a musical home. My mom and her brothers sing, so I remember when I was four-years-old, I would sit in my room and listen to them. They were in a church group. As I would listen to them, I would catch the harmonies they would be doing. Eventually, when I was 11-years-old, I sat down with my parents and told them I really wanted to do this.” 

5. 5hOuttakes: 5

Lauren Jauregui on her love of singing: "I grew up in a musical home. My mom and her brothers sing, so I remember when I was four-years-old, I would sit in my room and listen to them. They were in a church group. As I would listen to them, I would catch the harmonies they would be doing. Eventually, when I was 11-years-old, I sat down with my parents and told them I really wanted to do this.” 

6. 5hOuttakes: 6

Lauren Jauregui on not being "Latina enough": “I am completely Latina. I have not gotten that I’m ‘not Latina enough’ from the Latin community, because I am fluent in Spanish and very proud of my culture. I’ve got a Cuban ass! I mean, it’s part of my life. I feel very Latina and very accepted by the community. White people are the people that make fun of me for not being ‘Latina enough.’

“I’m Cubana! I’m Cubana! I grew up in Miami, wearing my little guayabera. It’s influenced me since I was born. Cuban culture is so passionate and alive, and I’ve experienced so much through my family. We’re really family-oriented and passionate people. I’m a very passionate person. I grew up in Miami, so I was in that culture. It’s not like I grew up Cuban in the middle of nowhere. You cannot leave in Miami if you don’t speak Spanish. It’s integrated into our culture. When we say ‘hi’ to anyone in Miami, you go up to them and give them a kiss on the cheek.”

7. 5hOuttakes; 7

Lauren Jauregui on racism: "Miami is a bubble compared to America. I never experienced racism when I was in Miami. I didn’t know it was a thing. My family and I took a road trip, and we were in South Carolina. I remember we were sitting down in a restaurant and everyone that would come in would just stare at us like aliens. I don’t even look that different. I have light eyes. My brother and sister have dark hair and dark eyes. My sister and mother have hazel eyes, but they have darker features. You can just feel it. It’s an energy that they give you, like you don’t belong here. You’re not one of us. It’s unsettling. I work just as hard as you do. I am a human being. I got a soul, you know.”

8. 5hOuttakes: 8

Lauren Jauregui on voting: “I posted something the other day, reminding 18-year-olds to register to vote. Because the youth of America will decide, because we’re the biggest demographic. We have the mass majority, and if young people don’t get involved in the voting process, then Trump’s going to win. He’s catering to a portion of Americans — the racist ones. It’s little things like that. If I can get 20 more girls to vote than that’s 20 more votes against something that could be negative. I try to practical and not step on people’s toes, because I’ve gotten some intense hate for my opinions.”

9. 5hOuttakes: 9

Camila Cabello on Adrienne Bailon: "“I was always in love with music. Ever since I could remember, I was always doing different things than other kids my age. When they were playing with Barbies or playing outside, I would be singing karaoke or listening to the Cheetah Girls and pretending I was in the Cheetah Girls… I was Adrienne [Bailon], because she was the Latina, so it made sense.”

10. 5houttakes:10

Camila Cabello on One Direction's hiatus: “It’s so sad. But, at the same time, I understand where they’re coming from. They’ve been together for a long time. I didn’t know creatively how difficult it would be to be in a group — especially when it’s manufactured. When it’s people from all over the place, it’s a strength, but it’s also a huge weakness because you can never agree on anything. Everybody’s heart is in a different genre. Everybody’s heart is in a different melody. Someone might love a lyric, but someone else hates it. I understand where they’re coming from, because sometimes it gets to a point where they just need to express themselves.” 

11. 5hOuttakes: 11

Camila Cabello on Shawn Mendes“He knew that I was Latina, and he wanted to learn Spanish, because he’s half-Portuguese. He was telling me how he wanted to learn another language, because he was young and how amazing it would be that the next time he tour Spain, he knows how to speak the language. I was like, dude, I’ll teach you if you me how to play guitar. So, he’s teaching me how to play guitar, and I’m teaching him Spanish. He downloaded the duo lingo app, and he’s taking it super seriously. I have a feeling that next year, he’ll be fluent in Spanish.” 

12. 5hOuttakes: 12

Camila Cabello on what she looks for in a boyfriend: "I think it just needs to be a good person. I was young and naïve and stupid. But because I’m a good girl, I tend to fall for the bad boy persona, and it ends up biting me in the butt. They end up not knowing how to treat me, and I end up completely devastated. I just need to find someone who is a good person with good values and who is focused. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot friends outside the music industry, and I only have two outside of it. I’m a very big believer in tight and close circles. I don’t have a lot of friends, and I’m really picky about the people I surround myself with. I think that’s important. If it happened to be someone in the music industry, it would have to be someone who is completely in it for the music — not buying into any of the fame and disgusting stuff. There’s a lot of disgusting stuff. I’m just overwhelmed by it lately. There’s gross shit in the music industry.” 

13. 5hOuttakes: 13

Normani Hamilton on feminism: “I consider myself a feminist, and I stand for equality. Anything a man can do, a woman can do just as well. In society today, people devalue women and they try to pin us against each other. Like a man can walk outside without a shirt on, but a woman can’t. I am part of the feminist movement, but I also feel that a lot of the times women aren’t supporting each other. We stand for equality and claim to be feminists and we need to support one another. There’s a difference between feminist and womanist. I think womanist definitely means supporting each other as women. Feminist is for equality."

14. 5hOuttakes: 14

Normani Hamilton on Donald Trump: “I’ve been doing my research, and I came across an article on Twitter quoting some of the things Donald Trump has said. His main issue that he speaks on is immigration. That really scares me — to think that he could be my future president, and have power of my life, my parents, my friends. For him to be president would be a step backward.”