EXCLUSIVE: Fernando from MTV's 'Scrubbing In' Talks Nursing & Reality TV

How does traveling nursing affect your relationships with your family, friends, and your significant other? 

The first assignment was the hardest. It was the first time I was away from my family. Those ties are very strong for me. The assignments after that tend to become easier. My family knows what to expect. I still miss them. I still miss home. I still miss good Mexican food. I still get homesick. But, you learn how to deal with it a little better.

How important was your Mexican heritage to you on the show and in your life a nurse? 

Oh my God, it’s incredibly important! Being from El Paso, which is primarily Hispanic, you just learn so much about your culture. There’s that strong sense of family value and upbringing. For me, growing up Mexican was a gift. I was different. I was able to appreciate family values.

Do you have any special Mexican traditions that you celebrate with your family?

Definitely. We’re really big on family meals on Sundays. My parents, my sister, her kids, her husband, and my partner all eat together as a family. I make red chili. My mom makes her steak or chicken tacos or some chili rellenos. For birthdays, my mom would ask us, “Do you want to go out, or do you want me to cook?” The answer was always the same: We want you to cook, Mom! 

Any last remarks for Latina.com readers?
I just hope that anyone–males, females, Latinos, whoever–who have ever remotely considered going into healthcare will see this show and say, “I can do it too! I can be a part of this team! I’m not any different! I can excel just like anyone else!” 

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