EXCLUSIVE: Fernanda Romero Discusses Mexican Roots and 'Ghost Team One'

You’re originally from Mexico City. Was it difficult moving to the United States?

It was hard at the beginning because I was in a completely different country. Little things were missing from my life, like my family. Latinos are so family oriented, and I missed them so much when I first moved. I also missed the people and the food. Once I got used to the culture in the United States, I realized there were many good things about living here. I started to hang out with other Latinos here. Now, this is my home.

What do you miss the most about living in Mexico?

My family!

Do you and your family have any special traditions?

Christmas! It’s very much a family tradition for us. We combine our religious background and beliefs with our love of family. Basically, we just celebrate! 

Awesome! Any last words for our readers?
See the movie! Also, I’m your guys #1 fan! I love Latina, and love that you empower women!

Check out the trailer, and be sure to see Ghost Team One–in theaters now!