EXCLUSIVE: Fergie Talks Mexican Roots, Date Nights, and Remembering to Try on That V-Day Lingerie

EXCLUSIVE: Fergie Talks Mexican Roots, Date Nights, and Remembering to Try on That V-Day Lingerie
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Fergie is a powerhouse. The performer not only rocks it on stage, but she gets to work behind the scenes as a designer and business woman – her newest fragrance with Avon, Outspoken Fresh by Fergie, which launches February 20th. Not only that, but she’s also a devoted wife and mom of little one-year-old Axl. We caught up with the songstress to talk about her beauty look, date nights and just how to get into that lingerie for Valentine’s Day. (And make sure to learn even more about Fergie in the March issue of Latina.)

You’re often seen wearing a nude lip and a smoky eye. Would you say that’s your signature look?

Absolutely, it’s the easiest. My favorite look is a thin liner extended and very neutral lip, making sure you have clean, nice skin. But now I’ve been doing just a red lip and just a little bit of mascara. Axl loves color, he thinks the red lip is for him.

Anything Josh likes for date night?

He’s a simple guy. So I don’t like to do big, abstract styles when I’m with him. [laughs]

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Is there a scent he likes on you specifically?

Oh, he loves my scents. He actually really love Outspoken — he loveees it — because it’s not overbearing. It’s just a nice smell. It’s inviting.

Can you talk a little bit more about your Mexican roots?

Yes! Omigosh, my great-grandmother was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. It’s very special to me. Recently, we went to this restaurant Mercado, I think it’s on Third Street in the Fairfax district [in Los Angeles]. The food, I mean, just the taste. The chef is from there. And just to taste those foods that were from Guanajuato, and the sauces that he chose, it’s so delicious.

I’m very proud [to have Latino ties] and I think more and more we’re seeing that there are girls like me who are of Hispanic heritage, but you wouldn’t even know it. And I think that’s just becoming the norm. And it’s beautiful, this melting pot of America that that’s able to happen. Because there are so many looks that are being mixed and beautiful new creations that God is creating.

On another note – and honestly, I don’t think we’re that far away from our first Latino president. I can feel it, don’t you? Yeah. It’ll happen.

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. Do you have any beauty or date night rituals you do or recommend?

Always pick out a cute little lingerie look. But make sure you try it on before, so that when you go put it on, there aren’t any malfunctions! Cause sometimes there are these weird hooks, and you gotta make sure you can do it, so have it pre-hooked and an easy way to step in! [laughs] Just sayin’.