Fergie on Plastic Surgery Rumors: "You Have To Learn To Just Laugh it Off"

Fergie has recently rejected that she underwent plastic surgery before she performed on American Idol this past March.  The 36-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer told Cosmo UK that she read somewhere that she had spent $30,000 on surgery.  “It’s just ridiculous,” she told the magazine. "We had a laugh about it.  So many rumors have been spread over the years and you have to learn, especially in this business, to just laugh it off.  If you stress about it, you’ll drive yourself crazy.”

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Her husband of two years, actor Josh Duhamel, also addressed the rumors in an interview with Ryan Seacrest.  “I thought she looked amazing,” he said of his wife’s performance on FOX’s hit singing competition.  “It’s amazing.  You put a different color on your lips and, uh, rumors fly.  But she's the same, she's the same Fergie... I sleep right next to her every night.  I like it."

Check out the performance that got everyone buzzing below: