Fergie: "I Want to Be Married Before I Get Pregnant"

Awww, how sweet: looks like Fergie is an old-fashioned girl after all. Responding to rampant rumors that she's been knocked up by her hottie fiance Josh Duhamel, Fergs tells television show Extra, "I've never been pregnant. This is probably the twentieth time people have said that. So, no, for the record."

Fergie also claims that she believes in the natural order of things (first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...well, you know), and that she and Josh won't be thinking about adding a third until after they exchange I Do's. "I'm just getting used to saying 'fiance,'" Fergie explains. "It's such a fancy word." Almost as fancy as 'pre-natal,' or 'ultra-sound,' right Fergs?

Now, we're not saying that Fergie is pregnant and lying about it, but it is common practice for stars to deny, deny, deny until they're almost ready to pop. We'll be keeping an eye on her belly, just in case...