Fergie Gains 13 Lbs. on Fried Food Diet

We don't normally envy celebrities for their diet and exercise routines, but every once in a while they luck out with a role that gives them the perfect excuse to pack on the pounds. Renee Zellweger did it for Bridget Jones's Diary, Eva Longoria Parker for Desperate Housewives, Charlize Theron for Monster, and now Fergie for Nine.

"I've actually gained 10 pounds!" the petite singer told reporters on Monday. "No, really—for the film, Nine. Actually, 13 to be exact.

"I ate everything!" she continued. "Fish and chips. Everything fried—things I don't normally eat."

Sounds like it was fun while it lasted, but now that she's done filming the party's over for Fergs. "I have to give it up! So, yeah, I'm in that phase! Back to Diet Designs, my food delivery service!"

We can't imagine a worse time to get back on a diet than right before the holidays, but Fergie has a plan of attack. "You can do creative things!" said the singer, who will spend the holidays with her fiancé, Josh Duhamel. "You know, turkey isn't fattening. You can do that. A little bit of gravy...have a nice big salad!"

But even Fergie knows that turkey and salad does not a holiday make. She tells Usmagazine.com that she'll be sure to indulge in some of her favorite treats. "I like a good pumpkin pie—that's my favorite—with homemade whipped cream," she said. "Whipped cream from scratch. I'll eat it for breakfast, always."

Even if Fergie's having pumpkin pie for breakfast, we know we'll be seeing her with her iPod and fanny pack jogging off the pounds all winter long. We, on the other hand, would probably just hold on to the extra dozen lbs. to keep us warm in the cold winter months!