Fergie Baby Shower Details Revealed!

To add a bit of fun to their drinks, guests sipped their beverages through polka dot or black and white striped or straws adorned with miniature flags with musical notes.

The baby shower’s cake, which boasted four tiers, was designed by Dylan Lauren (the daughter of Ralph Lauren) and remained within the black, white, and blue theme. One of the cake’s layers had blocks that spelled out "BABY.” Kids at the baby shower could get teal and clear balloon animals made for them, and goodie bags included bags of blue and white candies.

On the day of her baby shower, Fergie shared a photo of herself with her Instagram followers. In it, the stunning singer poses in a gorgeous pink, black and white print dress and holds a small poster with the words: “Say My Name.” The photo’s caption read: It's gayby shower day! He's trying to talk!”

Congrats to both Fergie and her hubster. We can't wait for their baby to be born!